In the beginning... 

In the beginning there was mom and dad.  They met in high school, dated, mom did the college thing, then they got married! 


4 years later they were blessed with a wonderful surprise; "We're Pregnant!"  The pregnancy was a tough one.  Mom was sick in the beginning, {a lot} and when the sick finally went away, mom swelled up like a hippo!  Not only that, but mom's blood pressure was always very high.  Mom developed what is called Pre-Eclampsia.  


(Pre-eclampsia or preeclampsia is a medical condition characterized by high blood pressure and significant amounts of protein in the urine of a pregnant woman. If left untreated, it can develop into eclampsia, the life-threatening occurrence of seizures during pregnancy.)


The only way to "fix" the pre-eclampsia (which was getting worse!) was to have an emergency C-section...

Adventures with Livvy...

Alivia Jade arrived on September 16th 2005.  She weighed 4lbs. 10 oz. and was perfect (despite her momma's pregnancy!)  Here is her story in her own words:


HI my name is alivia some  people call me Livvy  for short. My Mom call's me livvy  lizard [ funny huh]?  My favorite color is green!  My favorite food is tacos!  My favorite thing to do is draw pictures like my mom.  My favorite move is Brave.  I like to kiss my brother all over his face!  My family says sometimes  my brother will get me back one day!  I like painting with my mom it is fun.  I like to help my daddy build things, right now we are building onto our house.  I am excited about getting my own new room!  [yay] !  I like to play barbies.  Me and my dad built a new Barbie house for my room!  It is cool.  I like to play dolls with my dad.  I like to text my cousin Hanna on my nook.  And I can text everyone  else I know!  [it is super super cool!]  I love to dance! I have just dance 4 it is so fun to dance with.  I like campfires I roast marshmallows and they are so so super good.  I love chocolate I love s'mores!  I am in 2nd grade this year and I love it.  We do fun things cause my teacher lets us do fun activities like coloring on pictures and word searches they are so fun.  Me and my friend Makenna have friendship necklaces.  We play outside and do gymnastics at recess.  [it is cool and so so  fun] I have a lot of friends. I like being 7 yres. old it is so much fun.   I love my family we have had so many fun adventures.  I think I'm going to have more fun adventures with my brother... we will see!  I am excited about having a brother!

And so was our little family of three...

Then, one cold November day... mom and dad got another surprise!!!  "WE'RE PREGNANT AGAIN!!!!"


But this time things would be a little different!


Mom was only sick for a little while (morning sickness!) and it soon went away! (Thankfully for mom!)

The rest of the pregnancy was a breeze!


 We broke the news to our other family members on Christmas eve!  It was wonderful..!

Everyone was SOOO EXCITED!


Adventures in pregnancy...

Pregnancy was easy for mom this time... thanks to lots of prayers going up on her behalf!   And I just kept growing and growing and growing in mom's belly.  Mom was healthy, and I was healthy!

Mom had to have another C-section and so I was scheduled to arrive on July 10th, 2013 at full term, 40 weeks!   Mom was MORE than ready to meet me!  Actually ALL of my family were more than ready to meet me!! 


Mom got to the hospital bright and early and my family soon began arriving as well.   All went fairly well and I came into this world a happy, healthy, beautiful {big} boy at 10:10 am.  :)  


To be continued.... 


 See the tab "Adventures with Lucas" above to get the rest of the story and learn all about me...

Hi, my name is

Lucas Oliver Moreland (Luke for short)

Thank you for visiting our site.

I was born with a few extra "bonuses" as my sister would say!  :)

This website was created to help keep my family and friends informed about my bonuses (medical conditions) which tend to be both rare and unknown by a lot of people.


My mom will keep the site updated as we learn about these things ourselves, so you can follow along with how I am growing and progressing.


So, make sure to check back often!